A Guide to Designing a Bohemian Living Room

Rooted in freedom, expression and cultural fusion, Bohemian style is a celebration of individuality and creativity. A boho living room embodies a relaxed yet curated aesthetic. Inviting you to create a space that’s both cozy and exotic by using a mix of textures, patterns, and global influences.

Embracing Eclectic Elements  

At the heart of Bohemian design lies a fearless embrace of eclecticism.

You’ll want to blend various textures, colors, and patterns to create a rich tapestry that visually reflects your personality and interests. Start with a neutral base, such as a beige or cream-coloured sofa, and then layer it with vibrant throw pillows in assorted patterns like Moroccan motifs. You can then mix and match different textiles like wool, silk and woven fabrics to add depth and warmth to your living room. Don’t forget about architectural and foundational elements either. Using parquet flooring, you have plenty of patterns to choose from, adding to the eclecticism.  

Cultural Influences and Global Finds  

You’ll want to infuse your living room with a sense of wanderlust. Creating a characteristic space that shows off your adventurous side. Look for exotic treasures like handcrafted ceramics, intricately carved wooden furniture or vintage rugs from flea markets, artisan fairs or even your travels abroad. Showing your appreciation for diverse cultures as you go!

Natural Materials and Botanical Accents

Another valuable part of Bohemian design is the use of natural materials and botanical accents.  

Bring an organic aesthetic and vibe to your living room. Think about furniture made from reclaimed wood, rattan or bamboo.


 From there, you can incorporate lush greenery like potted plants or hanging ferns. Infusing your room with life and vitality. Including imperfections and asymmetry are key factors in natural elements. They enhance the relaxed aesthetic of your living room.  

Layered Textures and Cosy Comfort  

You’ll want to strike a balance between comfort and style. Creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere by layering textures and textiles, contributing to the overall cosiness of your living room. Think about draping a soft, faux fur throw over the back of a vintage armchair or using pile plush floor cushions for extra seating, dressing them in rich velvet or embroidered fabrics. You can then incorporate tactile elements like macrame wall hangings, fringed curtains and tangible area rugs.

Make sure to strike a balance between comfort and style. A cosy and inviting atmosphere can be created by layering textures and textiles, which contributes to the overall cosiness of your living room.  

Artistic Expression and Personal Touches  

It’s important to celebrate your individuality and creativity within your home. If you’re artistic, think about decorating with your artwork. If not, think about other personal mementos that show who you are, embracing your uniqueness. Incorporate a gallery wall of eclectic art pieces like paintings, prints and photographs. You can display cherished souvenirs, vintage finds and family heirlooms on shelves, mantels or coffee tables. Allow your Bohemian living room to evolve organically by embracing imperfection and spontaneity as you continue to discover and express yourself.  

Bohemian Colour Palette

Unlike many interior designs, Bohemian isn’t strict about the colour palette – anything goes! However, you can draw inspiration from plenty of places. Think about nature and global cultures to get an idea. Using earthy tones like terracotta, olive green and ochre can evoke a sense of warmth and grounding.


On the other hand, jewel tones such as deep indigo, ruby red and emerald green add a touch of drama and opulence. You can then use accents of gold, brass or copper to add a subtle hint of glamour and sophistication to your space. Alternatively, if you want to soften the overall palette, muted pastels like blush pink or powder blue are the way to go.  

Designing a Bohemian Living Room

When it comes to designing a Bohemian living room, self-expression and discovery are paramount. Your creativity should know no bounds. To create a space that reflects your unique personality and spirit, you need to embrace eclecticism, cultural influences and natural elements. Layering textures, mixing patterns, and infusing your living room with cozy comfort will create a space that feels both inspiring and inviting.