How to Select the Perfect Crib Mattress

Choosing a new mattress for your baby is a very important decision. Babies spend more than 60% of their first years sleeping. Selecting the right mattress is crucial for their rest and for a healthy development. Along this article we are going to address some of the fey factors to consider to find the mattress that gives the support needed for a healthy growth.

What to Look For

In some countries the dimensions of crib mattress are regulated. This helps users easily find the ideal fit for their crib. Although there can be slight variations in the length, width, and depth. It can be helpful to check the label on your crib before making a purchase, just to make sure of señecting the right measurements.

Firmness and Components

When it comes to the level of firmness, the rule is that firmer mattresses are better for babies than the softer options. Softer mattresses are recommended for older children; a soft surface can be a hazard for infants, increasing the risks of suffocation.


One helpful tip to check the appropriate level of firmness is to press the mattress in the center area and at the edges; it should snap back immediately after you release it.

Non-toxic Materials

As we mentioned before, babies spend the majority of their first year sleeping. So, making this space safe is paramount. Selecting a crib mattress that is free of toxic chemicals, is creating an ideal environment for your child’s rest. There are organic mattresses that offer this benefit, they cost a bit more, but they will give you the peace of mind of providing the best option for your baby.

The Double Sided Option

Some crib mattresses offer a two-sided solution; on one side, they have a firmer surface for babies, and on the other side, a more cushioned structure for toddlers. These mattresses are useful in two stages of the development of your child. Each of the sides of the mattress is clearly marked so the user would know when to flip it.

Popular Options in Crib Mattresses

Crib mattresses come in two basic types: innerspring and foam. Both options are safe and keep their shape while providing excellent support.


Innerspring mattresses are traditionally popular in the US, most of the adults grow up using this style of mattress. These are composed of metal coils and foam inside a frame. Spring options are usually a bit more expensive, and they are heavier than the foam options.

On the other hand, foam mattresses are usually made of polyurethane, they weigh less than the innerspring models, and they also could be very firm due to its high density components. Foam crib mattresses are more affordable than innerspring options.

Selecting the appropriate mattress for your child can significantly influence their development. Today, there are various options available that can accommodate a wide range of budgets. Keep in mind that buying the right mattress will assure your children get the support they need to have the perfect good night sleep.