What Is Open Car Transport, Is It Right for You & How to Get Services?

When you need to transport your vehicle from one location to another, and the distance is quite large, you will think twice before deciding to drive it. And then, you will most likely decide not to drive it. It would take a long time to cover the necessary distance, and you simply might not have that much time. Plus, being on the road carries certain risks, and you would much rather avoid those and keep yourself and your vehicle safe.

That’s why you should try car shipping:

Clearly, apart from driving the vehicle yourself, there is the option of having it shipped by professionals. In other words, instead of going through the tiresome and inconvenient process of driving your car across large distances, you can hire experts, that is, car shipping companies, and let them transport your vehicle quickly and easily. This is the safer and the more convenient option, so it is no wonder that people are relying on it so much.

Now, if you’ve already thought about this, and if you’ve decided to ship instead of drive, then there is a chance that you have taken the time to do a bit of research about these specific services. That is when you have realized one thing. There are different type of car transportation services, including the open and enclosed type, and you are wondering what those entail. Most likely, you are wondering about the open transport specifically, most likely because you have found it to be one of the most popular and the most affordable solution.

What Is Open Car Transport?

So, if that is what you are wondering, read on to get your answer. What exactly is open car shipping? Apart from that question, we will also answer the question of whether it is right for you, as well as the one about how you can find and get good services. Starting with the basics, of course, let us understand what this specific concept entails in the first place.


Put simply, open car transport consists of your vehicle being loaded on an open transporter, then properly secured, and transported to the location you desire. You have most likely seen these open trailers already, so you can get a sense of what this looks like. Of course, your vehicle is kept safe during the transportation process, as it is securely loaded on the mentioned trailer. Go here to get a better idea about the benefits of this type of shipping.

Since the trailer is open, though, it means that your car will be exposed to the weather and any outdoor elements that could wind up causing some damage to it. And, while those outdoor elements do pose slight risks, your vehicle will still be rather safe when transported this way. Plus, when you find the right company to cooperate with, they will carry the right insurance and thus compensate you for any damage that may be done to the vehicle during transportation.

Apart from all of this, we cannot fail to mention that open-car shipping is known to be quite affordable. It is cheaper than the enclosed option, and that is also one of the reasons why people often tend to go for it. Of course, you should never make your decision based on the prices alone, but this is still an important factor to consider before choosing which option to use.

Is It Right for You?

Let’s move on to the next question, now that you know what open car shipping entails. Is it actually right for you? Well, you are the only one who can answer that particular question, but the benefits I’ve mentioned above, while explaining the actual service, should help you decide.


In any case, if you are looking for a cost-effective, safe and convenient auto transportation solution, you should undeniably give this option a chance.

Naturally, if you are transporting extremely expensive or rare vehicles, you may want to consider the enclosed option. For all the other cars, though, the open shipping is quite a great solution that you can rely on when you don’t want to drive those long distances. You can enjoy the convenience of this option and have the auto easily transported.

How to Get Good Services?

Wondering how to get great services? Well, that certainly is the big question. When you decide to rely on open auto transport and get those benefits of the services, your next task will be to ensure you’re getting high quality services.

And, in order to do that, of course, you’ll need to find the right company to do the work for you. So, that should be your main focus. Finding reputable and reliable firms that operate on this market and that offer the open auto shipping solutions you need. Once you’ve found the right company, you will definitely be happy with the quality of the services you’ll get.